Over the Ocean
Over the Ocean
Chapter I

The news

-Lily, I don’t understand you. Kyle is perfect. What do you want more? Asked her mother, at the breakfast table.

“What I want? She thought. “Hum, if only you cared.”

All her entourage seemed delighted that she marries Kyle. Everyone except herself!

He announced their engagement during a dinner a few days ago. She couldn’t believe her ears. She had not even answered him yet. Lily was mad with rage but had tried to keep a cool and serene face. The guests even had a toast in their honor.

-What do you think?

-I can’t imagine. Kyle Stevenson is a charming young man, attractive and rich. He will be the perfect spouse. And you know what his family represents in financial sector. Such a union would be a boon for your father...

-Oh please! A boon for my father, a joy for my mother, a chance for our family! Everyone wins in here. What about me, eh? ME? Nobody seems to care about my feelings. What if I don't want to marry Kyle?

-Ridiculous, said her sister Jennifer. Why wouldn’t you want to marry him? The guy is bloody Prince Charming! You don’t know how lucky you are.

-If he's so perfect then marry him yourself!

On these words, Lily left the dining room. She was leaving the house when someone called her from the top of the stairs.

-Hey, Lily!

It was Arthuur, her twin; the only one in this house who seemed to understand her anger. They had always been so close. Of all her brothers and sisters, he was the one she loved the most and vice-versa.

-Hey bro! she said with a voice that she wanted cheerful.

-What’s up! Not in a good mood this morning.

-No, not at all. I’m fine.

-Don’t pretend. You know damn well I can read you like a book.

Hum, like a book indeed.

-So, tell me. It’s about “the news", right?

She didn’t answer. Her silence was quite eloquent anyway.


-Yeah. It’s that bloody wedding again. I’m fed up. Nobody cares about my opinion or any objection that I might have. Better: they even seem surprised that I can have objections.

-I understand. Come, let’s have a walk, said her twin, putting his arm around her shoulders.

He opened the door and they went out in the park. After a time, Arthuur decided to ask the question that burned his lips for a few days now.

-We haven’t talked about it but there’s something I’d like to ask you.

-I’m all ears.

- Somehow you agreed if Kyle took the pain to make an official announcement, no?

-You don’t understand. He asked for my hand, yes. And I said I was gonna “think” about it. I was even more surprised that you when he made that announcement.

-Really? So why did you just stayed there staring at him? You were so pale I thought you were going to pass out! You could have said something!

-And what was I supposed to do? Stand up and shout: “you liar!” Beautiful scandal...

-Yeah, you’re right; conceded her brother.

-Ok, let’s change the subject please. Don’t you have more pleasant things to tell me? How’s Lucy?

-She’s fine. We had dinner last night.

-Hum. Netflix and chill?

-Oh stop it!

Arthuur knew his sister was teasing him. Lucy was his girlfriend. She wasn’t smart…but she had some “attributes” to compensate that lack of brain.

They were crossing the tennis court when they met Casey.

-Hello you two. Everything ok?

-Yeah, we’re fine. What are you doing here? -My dear, I’m the boss. I decide when I work; he said with a grin.

The remark made her smile. Casey was their elder brother and the head of a famous publishing company.

-Are you playing alone?

-Waiting for Jennifer.

-Talking about me? What have I done?

Jennifer came after Casey. The mini tennis skirt she wore displayed a large amount of her endless legs. Her only fault was that she talked too much.

-Nothing Jen. I was just telling them I planned to play with you this morning.

-Oh, ok. So let us start, if you please. Don’t forget I have to get to the hospital by 1pm and it’s almost 11.

-Will you join us?

-No, thanks, said Arthuur. I have a course and I’m already late.

-Right. Jen, let’s go. See you later.

-Bye! Shouted the twins, running out from the court.

Passing near the swimming pool, they decided to lie down and enjoy the sun. A moment later, they looked at each other and Lily burst out laughing.

-What’s that tale about a course? You’re on holiday!

-Yeah, I know. It’s the only excuse I found. You know I hate tennis.

-Yes, I know. I hate it too!

-You know, we are so alike. You should marry me!

Lily’s face grew dark. Her brother brought it back to the only thing she didn't want to talk about: her wedding. She knew he was kidding but couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable.

-I’m sorry. Don’t look so the offended.

-Whatever! Said Lily, getting up.

She entered the door which led to the living room. Then took the stairs and went straight to her bedroom. She had an appointment with her father and wouldn't late.

To be continued...


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