Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business

They dated for a year, in high school. They were seventeen, he was her first and she was in love. Maybe he was too; but too much influence from his friends made him act as if he didn't care.

There lied the problem. When she cared, she wasn't afraid or ashamed to show it.

They didn't see each other much outside of school. Him being busy ignoring her on purpose (to look cool in front of his friends). And her, too proud to show it hurt.
It's funny how young boys think that showing love for a girl makes them look weak...
The sex, though rare, was good. Actually, she had nothing to compare it to. She just liked it... a lot.
He had this way of making her toes curl, her nails scratch and her teeth bite.

She didn't break up with him because she stopped loving him. She just grew tired of him disappearing for weeks at a time. Then, he would show up again, all smiles, as if nothing happened.

She fell for somebody else. Somebody who was present and who told her what she needed to hear, when she needed it the most.

Sex was even better with this one. Frequent, rough and oh so dirty. This one was such a player, though. She knew it but didn't care.

But yet, her first always held a special place in her heart. They remained friends after they parted. And every time they met, even years later, she couldn't help but wonder...

And she could see he was wondering too. He confirmed it by sending her a song: "All The Things I Should Have Known".

Yeah, if he only knew that all she wanted was to see him more often, put her head on his shoulder, lay in his arms.

They could have been great together. Intelligent, passionate and driven, they would have accomplished a lot. Ah youth! Making us feel like we know what we're doing when, in reality, we know nothing.

He was her first and there will always be unfinished business between them. He made her discover her body, her womanhood... but not all of it. He touched her like she had never been touched before... but not everywhere. He awakened her to a world of unknown sensations... but...

And every time she sees him or talks to him, she asks herself... what if?


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